About RetroScripts


passionlovemotivationRetroScripts is a business that focuses on the emotional and mental well-being of people in various states of being, from all walks of life.

Created to help ease the suffering of those battling Alzheimer’s/ Dementia and those at the end of life in Palliative or Hospice Care, it has quickly expanded. We now also create books for births, weddings, anniversaries, businesses and family histories. The idea behind this is that we all have stories to tell, parts of our lives that we wish to commemorate and share with the world.

The process of creating memory and legacy books is very intimate and respected. These memory books are the perfect reference for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia during episodes of stress. The messages from their caretakers, families, and friends can help to ease them into a place of familiarity and calmness. A person who is coming to the end of their life at home, in hospice or the hospital benefits immensely with the opportunity to leave behind not only their life story but intimate messages for their friends and family. Their books could speak of their dreams, their past adventures, stories, secrets, and reminders of who they are and who they wanted to be.

In a world dominated by social media and Facebook, the birth, wedding, anniversary and various other books are great ways to document memories. There is something simply amazing about seeing your life in print, having something that you can pass down through the generations. If we look back through the decades, from the beginning of time, humans have used rock, paper, verbal stories, and books to record their lives, and we genuinely believe that it is an art that must be continued.

RetroScripts has since evolved into a business that provides strength, courage, and postpicture9positivity through not only our Memory/ Legacy Books but also several different workshops. The first is a Motivate, Manifest and Thrive Workshop which uses boards with motivational images, magazine cut-outs, quotes, and blurbs to curb the feeling of worthlessness and break down the circle of self-defeat that people with chronic illness or injuries often encounter. The second is a Manifest Your Future workshop that uses words, pictures, and quotes to create a clear path towards specific goals. Both of these workshops use visualization to create the life people want and encourage others to network with like-minded individuals working towards their goals. The Life Writing 6 week Workshop encourages people to sit down and have a more hands-on approach to developing a book with assistance. It is designed to look more deeply at the writer’s life, wedding, anniversary, etc and create something that evokes pride.

The RetroScripts blog is a place where people can find a wide range of information from coping techniques, excerpts from healthcare providers, companies that offer support in Ontario, to real life musings, thoughts and words of encouragement.

As time passes, RetroScripts continues to develop and expand to meet the needs of ALL in our community. Strength, support, and creativity is something that we believe is a necessity to life, one in which we are happy to provide.


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