The Warrior Within

Warrior Wednesday!

There are some mornings when I wake up and I feel like a complete fake. I look in the mirror and I get these anxious feelings in my gut that maybe I’m not good enough to run a business, maybe I’m too different to help others accomplish their dreams, and maybe I’m too introverted to be encouraging and teaching others.

Funny enough, these are usually the days that I experience my biggest breakthroughs. I give my head a shake, I sit and I reflect. Not good enough to run a business? Hell, I’ve always been told I’m too organized, too type A, too caring, I take too many notes and I make far too many plans- so why wouldn’t I be the perfect person to run a business? Too different and too introverted? Differences and personalities are part of what makes us who we are in life, a fact that I say to all those struggling with their identities. So why wouldn’t I be the perfect person to listen to life stories, to help people accomplish their goals, to see the unique qualities of each individual and help them to stop shunning their uniqueness and instead embrace it?

Feeling inadequate and fearful is a natural response when you’re trying to accomplish goals connected to work, life, relationships, finding your place and so many other situations. The key is not to turn and run, but instead face your fears, stare them in the eye and make your strengths work for you!

Stay tuned for more information about the Warrior You Workshop Series that RetroScripts will be teaching alongside a surprise business in the next few weeks. We’ll show you how to to use your fears, inadequacies, and anxieties to work for you!
#warrior #faceyourfears #strength

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